Why SalesQ? – After Sales

After Sales is an important aspect of the whole sales process. It is important to deal with After Sales in a structured manner. SalesQ is fully equipped to frequently contact your customers in order to see how things are. And we can also answer the questions of your existing clients and process them if needed. Our people will have a good understanding of the needs of your customers and will make your customers feel heard and understood. We are ISO-certified which ensures privacy and quality are guaranteed and in line with all new regulations.

Good After Sales is the first step towards the next sale. Do not let these sales slip away. Call us or fill in the form on the bottom of this page and we will contact you to discuss our insights into your situation. We will be happy to prepare a custom-made proposal for you.

After Sales by SalesQ?

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After Sales: what exactly can we do for you?

  1. Regular customer contacts (inbound, outbound, chat, mail and social media)

  2. Business development

  3. Extension of subscription and/or customer contracts

  4. Stimulation of repeat purchases

  5. Outsourcing of contact care, webcare and chat service

  6. Account management

  7. Satisfaction surveys among existing relationships

  8. Reception and call answering services

  9. Optimisation and outsourcing of contact centres and customer service


Some sales clients of SalesQ:


How do we work?

Each campaign begins with a good consultation in which we will discuss your goals and wishes. We will talk about the possibilities and expectations on the basis of our knowledge and the underlying information. We will discuss the "game plan" and train the designated agents for your proposition. We will supply you with periodic insights into the reulsts. You are also welcome to visit our office in order to listen along with our agents. At any point in the campaign, we can adjust and improve the agreed upon approach.

Improve your Customer Service

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