Dropbox and SalesQ: a perfect match

Dropbox: who’s not familiar with it? With this popular cloud-service, you can collect all sort of files on a central location. You can easily organize, store and share photos and videos online. All the documents are synchronized on every device you log in to with your Dropbox account. For companies, teams and employees, Dropbox is more than just a storage space. As Dropbox itself describes it: Dropbox is a modern workspace in which teams and employees can work together at the same time and remain in the flow for a longer period of time.

Campaign Dropbox Benelux

Dropbox makes use of the expertise of SalesQ for to customer as well as to partner. SalesQ recently ran two campaigns for Dropbox for SMB-customers (50-250 workplaces). Generate leads for Dropbox partners was the goal of the first campaign. The results were great: 86% of the leads met the predicted expectation as given by SalesQ in the conversation memo. The leads were also valuable: the IT resellers rated the leads with 3.6 out of 5.

The goal of the second campaign was to recruit new Dropbox partners. With these campaigns, the Benelux saw its amount of partners increase by 20%. This was the biggest growth for Dropbox worldwide. SalesQ also managed to convert 19.4% of the delivered database to partners. “These are really very high percentages”, says Head of Channel Sales DropBox Benelux Marcel van de Gender proudly. “ We ended up at SalesQ via-via and it turned out to be a perfect match. No-nonsense and fair pricing, just like us”.

Core Value “Achieve” - We do more than we promise

Van de Gender: “ The people at SalesQ say what they do and do what they say. In that way, it’s always clear who is responsible for what and when. All agreements are fulfilled. During the whole process it felt as if they were also part of the game to make it as successful as possible. That feeling does not seem to compare with all the other service providers in the same branch as SalesQ. With othres, even picking up the phone counts as a success.

SalesQ makes tailor-made reports for each customer. The campaign manager translates figures into reports for each client separately. “The quality of the reports and the service is also much better than average. Within a very acceptable time, I got a good piece of measured documentation. On my turn, I can make an International strike with that!”.

Core Value “Quality” - Quality above Quantity

“Channel partners expect you to provide them with valuable leads. SalesQ first delivers the best quality to move on after that. That’s why the 3.6 out of 5 rating is so important. As a vendor, you want to deliver quality to your customers. In that way, they get motivated to go after it. SalesQ takes care of a lot of pro-activity. They mention and see the feedback of the resellers immediately, so they know exactly if they are on the right track. Normally, the vendor does the quality research. I really appreciate this service”.

Core Value “Professional” - We work hard at a high level

“ SalesQ uses a permanent team for this campaign. “That’s the first “win” for me. A dedicated team ensures an accelerating capacity. The improvement was visible week after week because everyone got involved in the Dropbox story and felt responsible. Because I had to deal with one small team and one contact, a pleasant interaction was there.

Core Value “Integrity” - We are transparent, honest and direct

“SalesQ is honest and direct. If a script is bad, they tell you so. If the target group needs a little change, then we apply our budget in another way”.

Core Value “Specialist” - We know the market

“I can’t think of any negative matters or points of improvement for SalesQ. The only thing we sometimes have a dialogue about is the available budget. But then again, they always think with us: what is possible and in which kind of way? That’s good entrepreneurship”.


Dropbox and SalesQ:

A perfect match