Soft landing...

We’ve recently started an inbound campaign for Cisco. Cisco has developed four landing pages in collaboration with three distributors. Clients and other interested people that land on these pages, will call to us for more information.

We also follow up on all of those that have downloaded a white paper from the site. We call them to see if we can generate more interest for the products.

International campaign

We’ve recently completed a large international campaign for Cisco. This campaign involved the ‘learning credits’, that clients can use for Cisco training. We’ve called all the clients with ‘learning credits’ to see if they want to spend these credits on training that was on offer.

In this campaign, we called clients in ten countries and in four languages. These countries were the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, USA and Canada. SalesQ schedules the campaign to be able to call across five time zones.

The leads that we gathered were being distributed over the different Learning Partners Cisco has, and that way we were able to generate a healthy RoI.