One of the first...

Emerce is one of the first clients of SalesQ. We’ve been calling for them since 2009 and have contributed largely to tripling the turnover over the years.

SalesQ focuses on acquiring over the phone, internal sales. We take responsibility for the clients that we service and stay in contact with them. This high end account management has resulted in warm relationships over the years. Companies that we contacted in their start-up years have no grown to larger enterprises with comfortable marketing budgets. For them, SalesQ remains the ideal partner to spent that budget.

Emerce is a multi-media platform and has trade magazine, websites, whitepapers, banners and some 27 annual events. Emerce also organizes the ‘Dutch Interactive Awards’ and the ‘Website of the Year’ Awards. SalesQ takes care of the sales and account management for all these categories. We also pay visits to the clients in order to ensure good client relationships.