Kortho / Evolis

Successful campaign: printers for butchers

Evolis Nederland is part of Kortho Coding & Marking, the official distributor of Evolis Cardprinters in the Netherlands. We approached SalesQ to sell our printers to the butchers in the Netherlands. Our printers print the plastic tags that can be placed with the meat products in the display. SalesQ approached all butchers in the Netherlands for us. They sold a large number of printers for us. When the call didn’t lead to a direct sale, SalesQ created enough interest for future leads. 

Past results are no guarantee for the future…

We beg to differ! We choose SalesQ in particular for the past results they’ve achieved for us. In previous campaigns, the goals were always met and surpassed. An achievement that they achieved in this campaign as well. For us, it’s the results that count. Many printers have been sold and at the same time numerous leads were being generated. To be concrete: every eight hours, they sold a €995 printer!

Fast and efficient

SalesQ approached the butcher-market fast and efficiently. Apart from good sales results, they’ve also increased awareness about our brand. We’re very pleased with the results, adn we’ll be starting similar campaigns with SalesQ approaching the cheese and fish shops in the Netherlands.

Jan van Vliet
Account Manager Evolis