Back to work? Make sure your database works for you!

The minute you’ll start approaching clients, you have to trust your database.

Before you grab the phone, you have to be sure that the numbers you’ll be dialing will be the right ones. How do you know if your database is good enough? How many clients do you have in your segment? Which information do you need to select the right contacts? And do you have up-to-date information? You can answer the following questions:

  • Which segment needs to get your focus?
  • How will you be selecting candidates? e.g. companies over 100 staff; a specific sector
  • Which region?
  • Who do you need to approach? e.g. marketing manager, business developer
  • Do you have a direct dial or a general number?
  • Which information do you need to gather from this client.

This information is often available for the key accounts. When the segment is larger, it may become more difficult. To enrich your database, you can ask help from the professionals, work with an intern or buy data from a supplier. Whatever you decide, the correct data is crucial for the first phase of your sales funnel.

Data suppliers – what do you need to know? The supply is large, but the quality varies:

  • Are they focusing on the consumer or business segments?
  • What data do they deliver in their databases? Addresses only, contact details of key employees, etc?
  • Which format will they use and is it compatible with your CRM system?

Further questions to ask:

  • How did they get these addresses?
  • How often are their databases up-dated? And which data is then verified?
  • Which selections can you make yourself?
  • Can you add to the database?

You can ask for a sample database to judge if that is something you can use. This is standard practice for SalesQ when we receive a database from a client or a dedicated supplier.