Custom databases

We often get asked to clean up and enrich the clients own database. These ‘home grown’ databases are often of high quality, since it contains only data that is relevant to their business. Creating these databases is time consuming. And keeping them up-to-date requires continuous attention. If you have 5000 entries and 40% is out of date within the year – which is quite normal – then it will take way too long the get the right data again. To check each entry costs easily a few minutes, and who’s going to do that? Your account manager? What was he hired for again?

SalesQ advises and supports organizations to actively approach their market for sales. We help to identify prospects. And we can advise on how these prospects can be transformed into customers. We can work on your databases, so your sales team can focus on the market. We can quickly scan your database to let you know which data can be used, what it lacks and how much needs updating.

Frank van Montfort
Sales Manager