Still on track with your New Year Resolutions?

You’ve probably started 2017 with a number of good intentions: more exercise, healthier eating, less stress….You’re not the only one!

You’ve probably also contemplated over the holidays how to re-energize your business and how to improve results this year. What’s your plan to ensure that these resolutions won’t strand in good intentions? To see if you’re on the right track, I invite you to contact SalesQ. We can advise you on how to get the best results. And we can show you whether there are other strategies that you haven’t considered yet. This is one resolution that you can easily fulfill! (Our phone number is +31 23 711 3200)

New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Create more revenue!

Every enterprise likes to grow. You have a good product or a good service and you want to tell the world. But how do you reach new markets? New clients? How can you sell your wider portfolio to existing clients? How can you finally sit get to speak with your key targets? And, how can you do this cost-effectively?

2. Improve relations with existing clients

Existing clients are most important. Make sure that they remain clients. And that they remain happy clients. Invest also in the after sales to make the most of your pre-sales investments. Long term revenues are based on this.

3. Finally update your client database

You’ve been in operation for a number of years and your account managers are busy. You’ve built a large database with client information. Now, it’s time to use this information for a marketing campaign. But, how useful is this data still? Are you reaching the right persons? The world is changing fast, and nothing is more subject to change then client information. Not only that, privacy legislation also gets tighter and tighter. From 2018, you can only contact people that have opted-in. If you start collecting these opt-ins now, you’ll end up ahead!

4. Optmize strategic time of your sales force and agents

You have a good product or service. You want your sales force to work as efficiently as possible. That means: making miles outside the office, speaking to potential clients and the market. But how does your sales force get this full agenda? Calling clients and prospects for appointments takes a lot of time. Time that your sales force can spend better. SalesQ has a professional team that calls effectively to schedule meetings and to fill those agendas.

5.  Not inbound, not outbound but smartbound!

Client contacts occur in many different ways these days. Actively, reactively, through your own client database and CRM and by reaching targets on the internet. A combination of all these channels, where sales and marketing are working together, is what we call smartbound. Curious to see what this can mean for your business? You know where to find us.


SalesQ is ready to ensure that your 2017 will be successful. Let the New Year’s Resolutions come true this year, or get surpassed even. It all starts with one resolution that you can comply with right this minute: Contact us and let us surprise you!