We have sales running through our veins and we gladly use this in order to help you reach your goals. We can supply you with a temporary or permanent sales team and take care of everything for you. Or we can help you in those areas you have less expertise or time for.


Customer Databases

Good data is indispensable when doing  marketing and sales. The quality of a database is often overestimated, on top of that, most databases are poorly maintained. The data we have today may be out of date tomorrow, which is detrimental to your marketing and sales efforts. An all-out effort has been made every day by SalesQ in the last 10 years to improve our database and to keep it up-to-date. We can directly address many of your needs, if necessary we can create a dtabase based on various sources specifically for you. We have ISO certification (9001 and 27001), which guarantees a safe way of working.


Leadgeneration consists of all activities that are focused on contacting potential customers. In the commercial market, this is often a specific sales activity. We approach leadgeneration as a high level sport. We build upon our rich experience in this area. We are aware that, as leaders, we have to keep training hard to stay on top. That is why our people are frequently trained. Our people are our strength: we invest in good trainings and make sure that they keep raising the bar for you. 

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