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Our people breathe sales. Their hearts beat faster for sales. Successes are celebrated as triumphs, and seeing victory leads to more victory! Like in the sporting world, our people work together like a team. Each one with his own specialty, together unbeatable. We train hard on the general and necessary qualities. This way, our team can keep raising the bar for you. We are ISO-certified which ensures that privacy and quality are guaranteed and in line with all new regulations.

We have sales running through our veins and we gladly use this in order to help you reach your goals. We can supply you with a temporary or permanent sales team and take care of everything for you. Or we can help you in those areas you have less expertise or time for. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you in order to discuss our insights into your situation. We will be happy to prepare a custom-made proposal for you.


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What we will for for you?

We offer extra market pressure for a certain product or service during an agreed upon period. This can be done as permanent or temporary replacement of your sales and acquisition team.

  1. Cold and warm acquisition - we can approach new prospects in a designated market or we can approach contacts who have already shown an interest in your product or service.

  2. Phone sales and telemarketing - we call the right people with your proposition. Our call agents are fully trained and know your product and the market inside and out. They call on your behalf, which is also good for your name recognition

  3. Ad sales (both in print and online) - we ensure that publications are filled with ads and that online platforms can show enough ads. We do this for specialized publications and for recruitment platforms.

  4. Subscription sales - we sell your subsciptions for you and make sure that an extension is initiated when the subscription is almost over.

  5. Maintenance contracts - we take care of long-term contracts, contact with the customer can be taken care of by us.

  6. Sale of hardware

  7. Sale of software licenses

  8. Sale of tickets for high-end events


Clients of SalesQ:


How we work?

Each campaign starts with a good consultation with you regarding your goals and wishes. We discuss the possibilities and expectations on the basis of our knowledge and the underlying information. We will discuss the "action plan" and train the designated agents for your proposition. We supply you with periodic insights into the results. You are also welcome to our office and listen along with our agents. At any point during the campaign, we can adjust and improve the agreed upon approach.


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