Out of advertising space?!

Since July 2015, SalesQ is responsible for the advertisements in Mr., the magazine for the legal market from Wolters Kluwer. This magazine reaches all legal professionals in the Netherlands and has a very strong market position.

The magazine had a turbulent start, and in 2015 a new approach was announced. SalesQ became responsible for the success of this new approach. This was not easy as the advertisers had become used to a certain way of work.

Through hard work, a persistent approach and patience, we saw the advertisements increase with each edition of the magazine. This resulted even in a sold out volume in September 2016! It became the most voluminous edition of the magazine ever. The first time we had to say: ‘no’ to people that wanted to place an ad.

SalesQ also pays visits to the companies that advertise in order to help them with their communication around job postings.


Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Apart from our activities for the magazines Mr. and the “Nederlands Juristenblad’, we also call for Kluwer’s IP Law volumes. For this campaign, we targeted mainly German law firms and asked them to consider transferring to the online version of the IP Law volumes. The average order amount for these transactions were several thousands of Euro’s.