Is retention marketing the new selling?

Retention marketing has a definition in Wikipedia: Retention marketing is a marketing approach that aims to maintain a long-term relationship with buyers by encouraging repeat purchasing behavior and - or promoting the use of the organization's products.

Acquiring new customers is also many times more expensive than retaining customers.

Do not confuse the term with re-targeting. These are the red shoes you bought online and will haunt you for a month on all kinds of websites you visit. So often that you almost start to doubt yourself whether you have chosen the right color.

Now it is not the case that you no longer have to make an acquisition because customer retention is cheaper. No growth without new customers. Yes indeed; the conversion on new customers is painfully low, also with us, but without entering into new relationships you will never grow. But, I digress...we were talking about retention. What can you do?

Give the customer a reason to buy

Having a unique product, perk, or excellent customer service or return policy works. 75 percent of customers leave a company because of poor service - and a good review doesn't make it right. The long breath works here.

The moment

Call your customer at the right time for more success. Not one month before his contract ends, but at least a few months before that. The customer has already decided before that time.

Make sure they don't forget you

In some sectors, certain products, such as machines, last for years and it takes a while before they have to be replaced. So it takes a while before the customer comes back. An account manager changes position and without you noticing, a customer is no longer a customer. Set up a program for your best mid- and bottom-tier clients to stay top of mind. Think of small things like a New Year's wish, but also think of customization and service aspects.

An extra

A nice advantage is decisive for almost everyone when choosing the products they purchase. Instead of the red shoes in that banner, you'd better show a red belt, at a discount. Also think of savings systems or a discount when rebooking a trip with a travel organization.

Make it easy for your customer

For example, use a reminder service or your own online environment for the customer with personal tips, wish lists and order history. Or design a dedicated app. Help your customers make the transition to a more comprehensive service over the phone.

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