We love sales. We use our knowledge to help you be more successful.


How can we help your business?

SalesQ is an international, full service sales business. We specialize in pre sales, sales and after sales. We work with thoroughly-checked and qualified client information to guarantee an effective telemarketing approach to your market. This approach can also extend to all of your online inbound and outbound contacts.

Sales is our main focus, and we offer high quality account management. We provide custom solutions to maximize your sales opportunities while liberating you to focus on other priorities.  

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Pre Sales
We advise & support on how to approach the market actively for sales

We do all or part of the sales for you

After Sales
Our professional customer relation management ensures an optimal effect of your (pre) sales

A career at SalesQ

A career at SalesQ means working at a fast growing company that takes care of the (pre) sales of other companies. After a thorough introduction, you will start in a team of passionate colleagues who will help you become even better. Depending on your work experience, you will start on a pre sales project. From there you can move on to specialized projects or to a role as an account manager.

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