Inbound, outbound? Go for smartbound, the smart link between content and contact. Nowadays you are connected with customers and target groups in all kinds of ways. By actively making contact, responding to customers who seek contact, and a diffuse group that has 'contact' with you on the internet. Bringing these flows together and extracting optimal conversion from them is what we call smartbound. Not just outbound marketing, not just inbound or online marketing, but a smart combination.

With smartbound you attract interesting visitors to your website, and you come into contact with them. Convert leads into sales and customers, which you can build on in the future. It's that simple! SalesQ works together with ContentXperience to link inbound and outbound flows to your existing marketing systems. 1 + 1 =3!

Why you should choose SalesQ?

SalesQ is a reliable partner through years of experience. We always go the extra mile, which is also apparent from our registration. We are experts in the Smartbound method to achieve the optimal conversion for your company. SalesQ is your partner because:

  • We approach every project like a top athlete
  • We have a lot of experience with complex propositions aimed at high-end decision makers
  • Our people are our strength: we invest in good training and ensure that they keep raising the bar for you
  • We are ISO certified, so that privacy and quality are well guaranteed and in line with all new legislation.
  • Have many years of national and international experience

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Market Applications

  • Reaching customers, prospects and 'strangers' with well-thought-out campaigns: from design to result
  • Data-driven approach to the market – the right content at the right time
  • Contact & content converts your existing customers to more sales, wider involvement and customer satisfaction
  • Optimization of good data & market information
  • Linking data from your system to the internal data of your CRM environment and the external data from the internet
  • Complies with the new 2018 privacy rules

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.

— Henry Ford

The building blocks of Smartbound

  • 1 Consultancy
  • 2 Inbound Marketing
  • 3 Outbound Sales
  • 4 Online Marketing
  • 5 Lead Management
  • 6 Marketing Analytics
1 Consultancy


Smartbound will find out for you what the best solution is for your problem. By determining in consultation where your pain points lie, SalesQ and ContentXperience can determine for you which approach suits your organization best. A complete campaign: from design to result.

2 Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a form of pull marketing: winning the interest of potential customers by providing interesting information. With relevant content, inbound marketing tries to ensure that visitors leave their data. The result is the acquisition of a qualitative lead.

3 Outbound Sales

Outbound Sales

Smartbound combines inbound marketing with the outbound driven sales approach. By combining inbound marketing with outbound sales, you can achieve short-term results through a highly targeted approach to the market.

4 Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Online marketing gives the smartbound approach an even bigger boost. With online marketing you ensure more traffic to your campaign site or landing page. More traffic means more leads, and more leads means more customers.

5 Lead Management

Lead Management

Through lead management you always have insight into which phase your potential customer is in. This is important for keeping leads warm, or “nurturing”. Warm leads are more likely and willing to make a sale and thus convert into a customer.

6 Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

By using the Smartbound approach, you collect a lot of valuable data. Data makes Smartbound smarter. By analyzing all this data, you can make better decisions in the future and get even more results from your Smartbound campaigns.

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PAY ATTENTION! We do not accept no-cure no-pay orders or initiatives aimed at consumers. The minimum budget required for a campaign is approximately €2,000 per month (excl. VAT) with a minimum duration of 4 months.

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