In the business-to-business market it is always a matter of looking for which communication channel works best. In order to discover the most effective approach for ArboNed, in 2015 we worked with e-mail, direct mail and telemarketing, in addition to all forms of content marketing that we already use. And what turned out? Telemarketing was the best way for us to approach new potential customers.

Last year we started a pilot with three telemarketing agencies. SalesQ came out on top. Not only in terms of results, but also because of the strict way of providing feedback. From day to day you can follow the campaign and the results, as well as the costs per appointment made. During the pilot, we noticed that the proper handling of data and the processing thereof is not 'standard' in the industry.

Working with SalesQ therefore means really working together: training the agents with your own people, listening in on conversations, adjusting where necessary, and discussing with the agents what their experiences are - and especially what their feelings are - with the campaign. And it worked!

"That attitude says everything about SalesQ"

Our sales managers “now live on free-bees and sleep in their cars”, as they put it themselves. For 2016, SalesQ is ArboNed's permanent partner in telemarketing. Quite special, because we almost chose a different agency. But by a surprising call from SalesQ, with the message: 'give us part of the file and compare the result. We're not going to disappoint you.' that choice was reconsidered. That attitude says everything about SalesQ.

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