SalesQ and i4Sales will now work together in lead generation campaigns for IT companies. By combining the knowledge they have of the IT market, they can train sales people better, achieve results faster and get more out of campaigns.

i4Sales had been looking for a party that could take care of its customers for some time. Owner Danny Leysma says that his company has always had enough work since it was founded in 2008, but that the labor market was increasingly troubled by the shortage. “Even recruitment and selection agencies have been unable to provide us with recruitment lately.”

Win-win: continuity for some, growth for others

When SalesQ director Pepijn Beerman heard about the situation, that was reason for him to get in touch. If i4Sales were to be absorbed into his company, Leysma could offer his customers an alternative, they could complement and strengthen each other. Beerman saw opportunities for SalesQ to grow in this.

Although the parties are actually competitors, according to Beerman they were never in each other's way. In discussions, the similarities stood out in particular. There was an immediate click on a personal level. “We discovered that we both live in Amsterdam and enjoy running. In terms of content, the IT factor binds us, although there is a small difference. i4Sales focuses exclusively on this market and we also have approximately 20 customers outside the ICT sector.”

Leysma says that some of his customers had already reported to SalesQ of their own accord. “It would also have been the party I would have recommended to them if I had stopped. Because I know of no other organization with so much specific knowledge of the challenges associated with the IT market.”

Initial distrust has turned into trust

However, the collaboration did not come about without a struggle. According to Leysma, some customers really needed to be convinced. “In many cases we have succeeded. We have tried to make the transition as smooth as possible for those who have gone with me to SalesQ. The initial mistrust has now turned into confidence. This is also because they now see that they achieve at least the same result. Often performance is even improved. It is therefore a good feeling to finally hand over the baton completely to SalesQ.”

Beerman explains why this is: “SalesQ has traditionally been strong in more complex, substantive challenging campaigns. We use a systematic approach in which we take care of part or the entire process. We are truly distinctive in this regard. We are good at telemarketing, hot and cold acquisition, database and content marketing and after sales. So in all aspects of customer contact. It is very nice to see that we are learning from the fresh look that Danny has cast in our kitchen.”

Better results through streamlined processes

Thanks to Leysma's input, processes at SalesQ are now 'tighter'. Beerman mentions as concrete examples the management of people in the workplace and the way of familiarization and training. “Our style was a bit looser. For example, it is now clearer what is expected of someone after a certain time, that is now clearly defined. As a result, sales agents perform better and customers benefit from this. We get more leads for them in a shorter time.”

Although it is also a challenge for SalesQ to find suitable people, it offers just a few more possibilities to offer continuity. “In addition to Christel, our excellent HR manager, who is currently mainly engaged in recruitment, we also have a number of freelancers who we call in during busy periods,” says Beerman. “We also have a branch in Belgium, where we can call on people to help out if necessary.”

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