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Many organizations come to a point where they would like to grow but do not yet have the resources to expand the sales force or set up a sales team. Then using telemarketing is a very smart move. You decide how much you want to invest, you don't have to worry about hiring new staff and your current sales team is fed with warm leads. Sounds nice right? Yet things still go wrong all too often and laying a good foundation before you start is crucial. In this piece, a number of fables and facts will be discussed that will make it clear to you whether outsourcing lead generation is interesting for you. 

Telemarketing is NOT a thing of the past

There are many views in the world about telemarketing or outsourcing lead generation and let's face it, it doesn't suit everyone either. Whether you involve that on a personal level that you don't like to hear 'no' a hundred times, or on an organizational level that there are no budgets or you bet everything on inbound marketing. But while it may not suit everyone, that doesn't mean telemarketing is a thing of the past. You just need a good plan of attack or a good partner who supports you in generating B2B leads. It is important to know that generating B2B leads is not something you can arrange in a week. You have to do research, allocate time and plan.

Generating B2B leads is more than just many call attempts. If your pitch isn't right, you can call until you drop, but you won't have much success. If your target audience, or the data, is not properly mapped out, your pitch will never catch on. If the timing of your calling campaign is not right, you will also achieve less or no success. These topics, pitch, data and timing are crucial to the success of your presales campaign. At SalesQ we have these 'knobs' perfectly under control and we know exactly how far we have to turn to get the right adjustment.

With all these topics comes the topic of time. Don't expect golden mountains within a week. Calling prospects for an hour a week will not help. Lead generation is a matter of repetition and a matter of sowing and reaping. Campaigns generally have a parabolic movement. In the beginning, the leads do not come so quickly, but during the campaign you will notice that you score more and more, because you have built up a database of callers in recent weeks who now only need the last push. You have to put in the time and with an hour a week you can never give the follow-up that a prospect wants. So also in terms of manpower, it is a good idea to engage an external party that specializes in lead generation.

Why no cure no pay is the bad option

There are many organizations that work on a no cure no pay basis. We call them the cowboys of the market. They get to work for you and you pay an amount for every B2B lead they score for you. If they don't score anything, you don't pay anything. At first glance, this construction appears to be a safe choice. Especially if you as a company want to outsource your lead generation but don't have huge budgets. Yet you will often come home from a cold fair. We hear all too often that the quality of the leads leaves something to be desired and that is directly due to the fact that no cure no pay is a fantastic means for these cowboys to quickly reach the targets. Then you pay big money for a poorly qualified lead who only wanted to receive more information about your product but is not ready to replace his current product at all and therefore does not want to talk to you. That is why we firmly believe in agreements made in advance about investment and results. That way you won't be faced with surprises.

Outsourcing can be cheaper than doing it yourself

Any organization with sales people is capable of generating leads itself. It is the smart organizations that engage an external party to support their own sales activities. Why did you hire a sales team as an organization? To close deals. Not to spend hours searching the internet and LinkedIn for potential new customers. Besides, we've already done that for you a long time ago. Let us do the dirty work and let your sales team do what it does best: close deals. If the business case is good, outsourcing lead generation will save you money instead of costs. Let us think along with you today and give your sales activities a boost.

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