Maak accountmanagers efficiënter, door leadgeneratie uit te besteden

If you employ account managers yourself, you may be wondering why outsource lead generation. That's the job of your employees, isn't it? On the other hand, your account managers work most effectively when they do not have to worry about lead generation, but can focus on their core business: talking to prospects and entering into a conversation with the decision maker. In this blog, we explain how your company can start growing by outsourcing lead generation.

There are a number of good reasons to outsource lead generation. For example, because you don't focus on it, don't get enough leads or find it difficult. In fact, all these reasons come down to the same thing: you want to grow.

By outsourcing lead generation, you take labour-intensive tasks off the hands of your account managers. Consider, for example, the outsourcing of cold calling: often not the best part of sales and also a profession in its own right. It requires a different attitude and approach. By outsourcing this to a company with the right knowledge and experience, your account managers will gain more time and enjoy their work.

Sales is often about quantity, but quality remains the most important. By outsourcing lead generation to an experienced party, you get warm leads and qualitative agreements. This relieves the burden and supports your account managers. Moreover, you speed up the process, because lead generation takes a lot of time. SalesQ uses tooling to call faster and to store information, and to approach more prospects in a shorter time. As a result, your pipeline grows faster.

Successful lead generation: approach the right people, with the right story

At SalesQ we train our employees daily to achieve optimal results and to link this to quality. Success starts with a database that contains the right people, focused on your target group. We compile this database together with you: what is the proposition? What information does your organization need? Which people do you want to reach? Based on this, a campaign is built, a script is written and a team is put together. From that moment on, SalesQ takes the lead generation off your hands. You can follow the entire process in a dashboard: think of the number of phone calls and the notes that were made. In addition, there are weekly, monthly or daily update calls, and you receive reports on the learning points.

From the moment the appointment has been made with the prospect and all information has been recorded, your account managers take over. They can get started with a warm lead to close the deal. This saves you a lot of time, for example to focus on existing relationships. After all, the fastest way to business is existing business. Outsourcing lead generation is therefore a win-win: you can spend more time with existing customers, but at the same time receive leads to create new business.

Are you not satisfied with your lead? Then we adjust the process with your feedback to achieve better results. For example, by tightening the database, training agents better, telling the story differently or calling at different times.

SalesQ has the knowledge and tools to help your organization with lead generation. Processes to achieve success are written out in quality certifications, and we approach every project in the same way. This delivers quality and leads, and ensures that your organization can start to grow. Read more about our methods here, or contact us.