Sales Q (Amsterdam Pirates Club Partner)

Last night was the successful kick-off of the Amsterdam Pirates Business Club. After an introduction by the chairman of the Business Club (Pepijn Beerman) and Koen Gijsbers (chairman of Amsterdam Pirates) and an explanation of the purpose, set-up and planned activities of the Business Club, there was an opportunity to welcome two new partners.

Sales Q (Amsterdam Pirates Club Partner)

SalesQ has become Amsterdam Pirates Club Partner. SalesQ is a full-service B2B sales agency and specialized in sales, acquisition, lead generation, account management and contact care, in the broadest sense of the word. SalesQ takes care of part or the entire sales process for companies (from pre-sales and sales, to after sales). For Pepijn Beerman (founder and director of SalesQ) this was the right time to become a Club Partner. In his own words: "With the growth and ambition I have in mind, now is the time to connect SalesQ as a Club Partner with Amsterdam Pirates. The club has already brought me a lot privately and it feels good now also business activities for Amsterdam Pirates to link."

Very proud that as SalesQ we are now also an official club sponsor of Amsterdam Pirates. For me personally it is an extra step towards connecting what I find important in life. My family, my company and the Amsterdam Pirates. I will extr

— Pepijn Beerman

Mind Work Productions

Mind Work Productions is another new partner of Amsterdam Pirates. Mind Work Productions helps organizations by solving Human Capital issues. They always do this together, in co-production, with directors, managers, teams and individuals. The focus is on leadership, culture, high potentials/talents. Mind Work Productions is a strategic partner in the field of organizational development. Johan Veneman is one of the founders of Mind Work Productions, actively involved in the establishment of the Amsterdam Pirates Business Club and perhaps the most important for him: trainer/coach of pupils 1.

Battle of the West and Meiden aan Slag

After welcoming SalesQ and Mind Work Productions as new partners, two new initiatives were explained by Rolf Peters and Diederick Stoel.

Rolf is a pioneer in organizing the Battle of the West. During the Battle of West, companies from West will play baseball / softball against each other. The day will take place in early or mid-September. More information will follow soon.

Diederick gave an explanation of Meiden aan Slag. Meiden aan Slag is an innovative program where girls from the neighbourhood, talent from the region and top athletes with international ambitions work together to make their dream come true. For girls from the neighbourhood, we want Amsterdam Pirates to be a home base where you can 'learn to perform'. The girls come to the club to do their homework. And every time they are there, they exercise for at least an hour under the professional supervision of enthusiastic Pirates. At the end of the day the homework is done and we are closer to the goal. Vital girls who have learned to achieve something they never thought possible before.