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Are you getting the most out of your lead generation?

Outsourcing acquisition or sales? We do what we are good at: sales, acquisition, lead generation, account management and contact care, in the broadest sense of the word. We take care of a part or the entire sales process for companies. From pre-sales and sales, to after sales. We make calls, are good at telemarketing and achieve results in hot and cold acquisition.

How can we support you?


We advise and support in active and sales-oriented mapping and editing of the market, providing leads, appointments and outstanding customer information.


Ready to outsource your sales? We are specialized in creating sales funnels, closing deals, customer experience, account based selling and social selling.

After Sales

With good relationship management, contact care and customer service, we ensure an optimal customer experience, increase customer satisfaction and identify cross- and upsell opportunities for our clients.

B2B Customer Development

SalesQ supports your business-to-business customers during the customer acquisition phase and during the customer development phase by providing professional Customer support, technical support and (after) sales services.


Inbound, outbound? Go for smartbound, the smart link between content and contact. With smartbound you attract interesting visitors to your website, and you come into contact with them. Convert leads into sales and customers, which you can build on in the future

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For years, SalesQ has been able to support several companies in various industries, of which we are extremely proud of. Read about the experiences of our customers in arious cases.

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We do not accept no-cure no-pay assignments or initiatives targeted at consumers. The minimum budget required for a campaign is approximately €2,000 per month (excl. VAT) with a minimum duration of 4 months.

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